Saturday, January 10, 2009

One of those days.

I went to the grocery store to get some good snack food, ice cream, cokes, you know, the good stuff. So, I pace around for a while to make sure there is nothing else that Katie or the kids would like. The instant i get in line, I hear the rain start pummeling the roof of the store. (this was a warning) It stopped. I got to the door and it started again. Instead of waiting, I grabbed my groceries, and made a dash for it. TOTALLY SOAKED, I get in the car and shut the door. You guessed it. The rain completely stopped Right until I got home and stopped the car. It then proceeded to open up and drench me again, inly to stop once I got inside.

All that said, I feel whomever I root for today will lose. So,


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Predictable Thanksgiving Post

I am thankful for...

- being able to type this blog.
- knowing that a few people out there will read it.
- my AWESOME family.
- the ability to let my wife and kids safely travel 250 miles to see my parents and aunt.
- that they all love me in my absence.
- having a job that I love in a time of financial strain.
- having a mom who is so stinkin' smart that she has been asked to work in DC for 12 weeks.
- having parents that pushed me, but not over the edge (too often)
- a family who is proud of me, and I can be proud of.
- toys, technology, powered transportation, indoor plumbing, central heat and air
- the God given ability to figure these things out.
- my health.
- my friends.
- God, who gave me everything I have typed and will type on this list.
- a fantastic financial adviser.
- my education.
- DVR and DVD, without which I would never be "in the loop."
- the farmer who works so hard to help put food on my table.
- a government that has checks and balances, and cares about the wellbeing of the country and its citizens.
- my wife, for reasons too many to count.
- my kids, who bring me such joy, and make me so proud.

And thank you for reading my blog.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Honey Do.

So I'm home for a couple of days, which means it's time to "Git 'r dun!" My first project was to hang a couple of new items.

First was a mirror in Jessica's room. Job well done, I'd say.

Then on to the bathroom to hang a large artsy thing made out of metal and a little mirror. But there was a little sticky something on the wall that I wanted to remove before I hung it. That turned out to be a little more tricky than I thought. My dad used to give me a hard time for using brute force when I got lazy. Well, point taken.

This little plastic thing helped me do...

This. Well the good news is Katie is deciding what color we are going to paint the master bath. At least I gave us a reason to finally paint it.

I also have no idea how to format these stupid things where the pictures and words are where I want them! Oh well.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Proud Results of a Slothful Parent's Actions

Well, I/we were too lazy/forgot until it was too late/didn't want to get up that early/what have you, to go to the store and get milk for the kids to have cereal for breakfast, which is the norm. So, when we got downstairs, Jessica poured a bowl of a crispy rice type of cereal, and asked, "Where's the milk." Oops. Okay. So I respond with, "Uhh, we ran out. Sorry. What kind of oatmeal would you like?" Jessica is good about eating what is available most of the time. Ellie will eat oatmeal with me sometimes. Nolan would rather take his chances punching me in the face. But, I explained the situation, and they all decided on the brown sugar kind with dinosaur eggs that hatch in the bowl. I was shocked they would choose that over my large variety pack of organic oatmeal, but a decision was made. THEY WERE EATING OATMEAL!!! I had to get proof to share with the world.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

An open letter to Chuck Todd

Dear Chuck Todd,

You've been caught! Three identities. NBC political consultant, New Zealand consulate employee, and band manager? Do you think you are Batman? Well the cat is out of the bag.

Chuck Todd
Murray Hewitt
'nuff said!

Pick an identity and stick with it. You would do better for Flight of the Conchords to at least drop their name or play a track behind your reports on NBC or MSNBC. That is a very large audience. Maybe stretching yourself so thin is why you have been having marital problems. Fans of the band just want to help however we can.


Mel (the fan)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of K

Monday was Nolan's first day of Kindergarten. I was actually in town, and got to walk him to class.

Walking in the front door of Henry Maxwell Elementary.

Here they are walking to class.

Coloring his first picture in Kindergarten.

I'm proud of ya boy! Proud of big sis for helping him out.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Being Vegetarian

Being a vegetarian is easy at home. On the road it can be a little tougher. Our road manager takes pretty good care of us, and that is appreciated very much. Sometimes there is just nothing you can do.Some people just can't read all the directions.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ms. Pac-Man in my pancakes!

I was making regular, and blueberry pancakes this morning for the family. (side note: I am awesome, and so are my pancakes) While I was serving them I found the most amazing thing.

Ms. Pac-Man had appeared in my pancake. Notice the eye, the bow in her hair (or I guess just glued onto her head like people do to baby girls), and the give away for me...The MOUTH. Pancakes don't have mouths.

This is very inspiring to Pac-Maniacs everywhere. I will keep the pancake on display for...